Unveiling Naturally Authentic

The Lotus Blossom is a sacred symbol for many cultures. It is a great symbol of rebirth and enlightenment. The lotus begins its journey in murky, muddy water yet comes through on top in all of its beauty. In Buddhism, the lotus blossom’s ability to rise above the murky waters represents the growth of one’s soul. It is symbolic of overcoming one’s own dark times and becoming pure of heart. I found and fell in love with the lotus blossom when I first began my own journey to self discovery.

My natural hair journey goes hand and hand with my journey to become my authentic self. I’ve always wanted to rock the big curly hair and never thought I could until I discovered the natural hair community. Score! You can read more about my discovery in blog entries.  It is my desire to discover who I truly am outside of anyone’s opinion or approval; to live from my authentic SELF. I hope as I embark on my journey to authenticity, I can inspire others to begin a journey of their own.

Peace and Blessings,

Jiquay (LotusBlossom)

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