Current Regimen

Every since I have become natural and friends and family have followed suit, I have received many, many questions over and over again about my hair regimen . Therefore, I decided to put my regimen on here so I don’t have to repeat myself so often 😉

Shampoo 1x every 2 weeks

Cleansing conditioner 2x week

Deep Condition 2x week

Example- Sunday (shampoo, deep condish, leave-in , styler, finisher)

Example- Monday thru Sat (cleansing condish, rinse out condish, leave-in condish, style, finisher)

As for treatments, I will do a cherry lola treatment as needed. If I do a protein treatment it is only once every 6 months or so if needed.

For the love of God, I hope that helps! Lol, jk.

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